Reviving The Eid Gah

The sun ablaze in an urban surround

Feet in flight on tarmac ground

Words of tashreeq from lips in flight

An ocean of brothers before my sight

And who would have thought this day would come

The gathering crowd in the morning sun

Rows upon rows to praise Allāh

And revive the sunnah of Rasullullāh

Thoughts rewind to a Ramadhān ago

Conversing friends of a history we know

Of a time so pure, in the land Taybah

When the Prophet led the open Eidgāh

That day courage engulfed our hearts

To ‘Revive a Sunnah’, we made a start

Today a memory emerges in burst

A hearty smile, as we recall the first

When posters home made were rushed around1st Poster

And speakers, though wired, failed in sound

A ladder of steps, in a pulpits place

And a kind gentleman who brought some dates

That, was the gathering for our first Eid

With it grew, a hope to succeed

Though limited support and resources too

The numbers amounted to quite a few

Fifty we thought would prostrate that land

But a hundred arrived with prayer mats in hand

As Eids rushed past, new challenges we note

The cold of autumn brought brothers in coatsAutumn

And on that day to warm those souls

Pots of tea; from where? No one knows

Those bearing souls bravely remained

As Eid upon Eid the numbers gained

And with it support of Ulamās vast

And resources flooded a revival to last

Tashreeq in flow the crowds have arrived

This year, this sunnah, feels truly revived

Barefooted steps on grass in sun

TAKBIR! We praise the Almighty One

The archer’s delight standing for all

With a pulpit that’s true and charity stalls

Through smiles we gaze at rows to pray

Fifteen hundred! At the Eidgāh this day

All praise to Him who guides our aim

May the Eidgāhs to come continue to gain

And with it revive the Master’s way

This prayer, Ya Allāh! We beg this day.


(Muhamad Ibne Ahmad)




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