Batley Eid Gah 2014


On Monday 28th July, in a small Yorkshire town of Batley under a bright sunny summer morning, nearly 1500 Muslims came together to perform their Eid Salah at the Batley Cricket Club.

In general Muslims in U.K perform their ‘Eid Salah in the Masjid and consider this to be the recommended practice. The Sunnah is to perform it in an open field outside the inhabited area of the town or city, which is known as a Musalla (or ‘Eidgah).

Alhumdulillah the ‘Revive A Sunnah’ team based in Batley has been working towards reviving this forgotten sunnah, with the grace of Allah this was the fifth occasion an Eid gah was held in Batley.

One of the purposes of holding the ‘Eid prayer at the Musalla (EidGah) is to gather the largest possible number of Muslims in one place.

Many local scholars and learned elders joined us this year; people started arriving as early as 7.30am! and as far as Manchester.  The prayers and sermons on the day were performed by local Batley based scholars.

One of the ‘Revive A Sunnah’ team volunteers says regarding the day that “I looked up the street and saw masses of people coming towards us with prayer mats in their hands, Masha’Allah it was heart-warming and an amazing sight”


A young teenager from the community who attended also shared his experience “I feel it brings the wider community together and feels amazing sat in the open listening to the bayaan and khutbah, Insha’Allah it continues for many years to come.”

The atmosphere on the day was heart-warming, with plentiful smiles all around, stalls were also available on the day, with one of the highlights been a little boy who was running his own sweet stall to raise money for Gaza, he managed to raise over £200, with all the money going towards Gaza.

The day was capped off with free archery lessons for children and adults.


The ‘Revive A Sunnah’ team would like to thank all the businesses that sponsored and supported the EidGah and all the people that attended.

May Allâh give all the Muslims the ability to revive this Sunnah as well as to practise upon each and every aspect of the Sunnah.

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