The Solution To Gaza

The Solution To Gaza

It’s time for everyone to stop pussy-footing about and just call it as it is: the problem is US and the solution is US.
No, that doesn’t say the United States. Or the United Nations. Or all the nuclear bombs in the world. Or all the banks in the world. Or all the public empathy in the world.
I mean us. We. Ourselves. The Ummah.
Every single catastrophe at the moment is being treated with short-acting pain killers, and yet few are trying to cure the disease itself *causing* the pain.
We are people who claim to practice this Deen, yet we don’t. Not even 10% of the Deen. By not even 10% of the Ummah. And yet we want 100% results just because of a title called “Muslim.”
This sounds similar to another group of people we’ve been told about in the Qur’an (I wonder why?) who expected similar results. For doing nothing. And claiming exclusive victory and salvation. Hmm.
People don’t talk too much about this because:
(a) they don’t want to lose support with their followers because this isn’t a very politically correct thing to say
(b) the “don’t judge me” crowd has become a huge festering pain in the backside of the Ummah, and they pretty much dictate the narrative in the da‘wah today
(c) scholars think it is so obviously correct that it doesn’t need mentioning because we can’t all be that stupid and heedless. Well, guess what?
(d) the only people who have been given the responsibility to save the Muslim world are the Muslim/Arab leaders apparently – however criminal or not they may be – and we ourselves have some kind of green card on individual responsibility
(e) scholars are afraid of being labelled as secular Muslims, or those who are apolitical or those who don’t work with the asbāb i.e. those who use modern methods and political realities etc
As you can pretty much imagine, I couldn’t give a monkeys about all the above. Let’s call a spade a spade and say that it doesn’t matter what we do, share, call for, get involved with and get help from, we will never *ever* solve our problems if we primarily and fundamentally don’t repent to Allah for our pathetic attempt at fulfilling our obligations to Him and showing Him that we deserve His help.
Allah jalla wa ‘ala says:
“O you who believe, if you give victory to Allah, He will give victory to you and make you stand firm.” (47:7)
Meaning: Allah has *obligated* upon Himself to support those who “support” His Deen by following the Messenger (sallallāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam) and practising His Deen properly in all of its requirements.

Meaning: as this is what is called a “conditional sentence” in Arabic, we now know that if we do not practise this Deen properly, we will *never* get victory. Whatever happens. Meaning that it will 100% definitely *not* happen.
And vice versa, if we *do* practise this Deen properly, then Allah promises that He will help and give victory. Whatever happens. Meaning that it will 100% definitely happen.
Meaning: that as we are clearly not being supported by Allah at the current time with loss after loss, we are clearly not practising this Deen properly.
Al-Shinqīti (raḥimahullāh) stated in his tafsīr:
“This proves that those who doesn’t fully establish the prayer, or pay the Zakāh, and do not command to good, and do not prevent evil, will not have a promise of victory from Allah at all whatsoever.
Their example is like an employee who doesn’t do his obligatory tasks as requested by his boss, and then comes to him later requesting payment!
Thus, those who call themselves Muslims and yet are involved in sin in all its ways, and then say “Allah will help us” are just fooling themselves. That is because they are not from the party of Allah who have been promised His victory, as is blatantly obvious.” (Aḍwā’ al-Bayān, 7:252)
Folks, there is a consensus of all the scholars on this point. And you might be thinking, “But that is blindingly obvious.” Well, I say to you: it blindingly isn’t!
Look at all the calls to action and all the focus on your newsfeeds: it’s *almost* exclusively to boycott this, or protest that, or lobby this, or educate that, or spread this, or hack that, or ask for help from X, or praise celebrity Y and so on, and so on.
All of the above must be done yes, and good, and should continue and needed from us wherever or whenever we can and might even help a little. Maybe. But it should never *ever* be the focus. It should never *ever* be our primary concern. And we should never *ever* let up for even a second – however non-PC it is in the da‘wah industry and however judgemental it comes across – calling the masses to repent to Allah for their sins and lack of closeness to Allah internally and externally.

All the million man protests and celebrity endorsements and UN resolutions in the world cannot help us in Syria and Gaza and everywhere else, as much as achieving the pleasure of Allah by actually proving to Him that we *deserve* His help through our daily sacrifice of worshipping Him properly.
Once that is achieved, we enter a whole next level crazy zone where ajeeb things happen that we would never ever believe usually, but we all certainly do believe as told to us in the Qur’an & Sunnah when it happened before with our Prophets and Companions! Yes, that’s when Angels start appearing on your side, and that’s when you have the Animals fighting for you, and that’s when the weather comes under your control in a way that makes Storm eat her heart out, and that’s when their “Release the Kraken” moment releases jack squat, and that’s when their entering their nuclear football key codes fail and goes into self-destruct instead, and and and.

This is why He said jalla wa ‘ala:
“How often a small force has defeated a large army with Allah’s permission! And Allah is with those WHO ARE STEADFAST.” (2:249)
True victory will come once we all truly submit to His Will. Until then, we will continue to get slapped about like we are and we can keep deluding ourselves that just because many folks have become Shuhadā’ themselves and/or expiated their sins through their trials and tribulations, that *we* as an Ummah, as a whole, are actually still winning.
We’re not. And we have to change the status quo immediately before we become condemned forever like those who are doing the killing at the moment.
That’s why our primary du‘ā is always to seek forgiveness for our deficiencies to Him.
Thus, that is why I said:
The Ummah did not just fail Palestine.
The Ummah failed in its covenant with Allah.
Thus, the Ummah failed ITSELF. All of us. Everywhere.

Via Shaykh Abu Eesa (

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  1. You make good points in your article, and it is a full Ummah effort. We need to be steadfast and honest as we carry ourselves in order for our prayers to be accepted, but it obviously difficult to convince everyone in the world from an individual perspective to be steadfast. So really we can just control ourselves and the few people around us and our prayers still wont be accepted? Please elaborate, JazakAllah.

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